Did Hugh Laurie play in a Hersheys Commercial?

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anonymous | 20/04 2014 18:43
I think so..My husband says no, Please someone! HELP :)
anonymous | 18/04 2014 09:02
If its not him its an incredible look alike.....where can I find me one of them??
anonymous | 04/04 2014 03:01
I thought so, too!
Kelly | 31/03 2014 19:47
It sure looks like him. Yes!
Cathy | 02/04 2014 01:11
It looks like him
Sara | 04/04 2014 12:47
Definitely him
anonymous | 05/04 2014 23:57
Looks like House to me!!
Jocelyn Laboy | 06/04 2014 21:32
It sure does look like him
anonymous | 07/04 2014 03:21
looks like him to me
anonymous | 07/04 2014 20:17
no it is not him

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Did Hugh Laurie play in a Hersheys Commercial?

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